Services: Weddings: Humanist, Secular, LGBTQIA+, Alternative, Modern, Earth-based, Traditional/formal, Adventure, Elegant, Themed, or combination format?

How do I know if a Humanist or Secular ceremony is right for me?

The Humanist Association of Ireland states:

“Humanist weddings are wonderful and personal ceremonies. One of the tenets of humanism is a tolerance for others who hold different belief systems. Therefore everyone feels included during a humanist ceremony.

However, humanists have no belief in a god or the supernatural, relying on scientific evidence and appreciation of the world around us and the achievements of humans. So our ceremonies are secular and non-religious occasions. They are designed to be a positive option for those who share the same philosophical belief system as humanists whether you wish to call yourself a humanist or not, and even whether you are a member of any humanist association or not.

Please think carefully about this choice. If you think you don’t share the same philosophy, or you actually believe in a god or the supernatural, then perhaps a humanist ceremony is not the right choice for you.”

 Please feel free to contact me to discuss options!

Typical Ceremony:

This ceremony often follows common or traditional format, or order of service, such as vows, ring exchanges, readings, candle lightings, hand fastings, etc.   I can partner with other clergy who you may desire to have perform certain religious aspects of the ceremony, but will generally be secular.         $100

Personalized Ceremony:

This ceremony can follow just about any order of service that you would like, and we will work together to determine what components you would like to include.  This ceremony may be useful for the couple who is combining families or who simply wants the ability to incorporate more details into their ceremony.  This ceremony is customized and I can partner with other clergy who you may wish to perform certain steps.  These ceremonies will often be more complex, have more participants, and have more steps.         $250

Simple Ceremonies:

For those who prefer a minimalist ceremony or to elope, I can accommodate your wishes! For those who wish to elope,  simply make an appointment to meet me with your marriage license and your witnesses and we can perform a short ceremony that meets the minimum state requirements.             $25

For those who would like more of a ceremony but something that is still minimal, I can meet you where you would like to go, such a park, your yard, a VFW, or any other location.                                                     $75

“Quick ceremonies” or “certificate signings” without a ceremony:  Cash only (payment due when I arrive).                         $20

Travel: I will charge the IRS permitted round-trip business mileage rate for locations beyond 20 miles from my home.  The current standard rate is $.54 per mile.

Rescheduling fees: You may make one reschedule without any charge, but two or more reschedules of your event will incur a non-refundable fee of 25% of your event charges.