Hello world!


I have been contemplating life purpose and ways to contribute to society, to humanity, to individual lives for many years. After my mother passed, and performing my father’s Celebration of Life, along with the experience of the costs and logistical challenges I experienced with trying to not only deal with the immediate needs (costs of cremation, for example) and the high costs and challenges with doing what I wanted to do to honor them (venue, obituary, funeral folders, guest book, urns, etc.), I decided that it was time to establish a way for everyone to honor their loved ones more cost-effectively and create a ceremony that truly portrays who you and your loved ones are.  We are all more than one thing-we wear “many hats.”  In my father’s case, he was an outdoorsman, a Vietnam veteran, husband, father, hunter… he was laid back, smiled easily, loved meeting and chatting with people, and shared his life stories liberally.  I chose some of his favorite songs to for his Celebration of Life, and ended with his favorite song, Joy to the World, using the a cappella version by Pentatonix.  A Christmas song, yes, but my family will remember his favorite song, and will be forever moved by this upbeat and happy version.

Who was your loved one? We all have negatives about us, and while we will not soon forget the difficulties of our loved ones who have passed, we can still celebrate the positive traits of who they were.  I want to get to know you, your family, and your loved one who has passed, so as to best honor your family and your loved one in ceremony.  Everyone has a story.  What is your story?  Would your family like to create a ceremony that combines traditions and ideas?  I can learn all that makes you and your loved one special and create a life celebration that you will never forget.