Services: Funerals, Memorials, & Ceremonies of Life: Humanist, Secular, Mixed-Belief Format, Military, Pet, & Alternative

How do I know if a Humanist or Secular ceremony is right for me?

Essential Funerals in Scotland states on their website:

A humanist funeral service is a personal alternative to a religious or faith based funeral ceremony.  The ceremony is brought together and conducted by a humanist funeral officer or celebrant who works with family and friends to create a truly meaningful and personal funeral ceremony.

Annie Widdop states further:

The focus of a humanist funeral is on the person whose life we are commemorating. During the ceremony, we pay tribute to your loved one by talking about their life, their personality, the difference they made to friends and family. We want to make the funeral ceremony the best that it can be. We care, listen and find the words for a meaningful and fitting tribute.

These ceremonies can be simple or more complex, and will be carefully and lovingly prepared along side you, doing my best to incorporate your wishes, the wishes of family and the desires of your passed loved one.  I will never discriminate based on life choices of any kind, doing my best to create a heart-felt ceremony that honors all involved.

These ceremonies and services can incorporate as many or as few steps in the order of service as needed, and can take place in different locations, indoors or out, public or private, in your home, your loved-one’s favorite place, to include parks, military or veteran organizations and chapels, grave-side, or on Pikes Peak.

These ceremonies will also often include partnerships between clergy of different beliefs, so as to create a mixed-belief format order of service that can honor different beliefs and views of family, friends, and the deceased loved one.  These differences can be significant and powerful during this emotional time and I will do what I can to help find ways to honor and represent all involved.

Here is a sample Order of Service that is primarily secular with Catholic sections performed by a priest from the Liberal Catholic Church:

Music: River Road, Crystal Gayle

Welcome: Renee

Hopi prayer (author:Mary E. Frye)

Opening reading: Father _____________

            the Book of the Wisdom of Soloman, chapter 3

Reflection: Renee

Immortality (author: Felix Adler)

Remembering together: _______

Tribute: ____________

Message of Hope: Renee

Ashes to Ashes: Father______________

Military Honors: flag presentation, Taps

closing remarks: renee

Fees range $100-$250. *

Pet memorials $25 flat fee

*For families and those on fixed incomes, please ask about simple ways I can help you during this difficult time:

  • Discounted funeral or celebration of life fees
  • help with navigating options such as burial, cremation, organ donation, and the related state laws and resources
  • low cost or free funeral or celebration of life items such as pendant and small urns, guest books, inexpensive decorations, funeral programs, etc.

Travel: I will charge the IRS permitted round-trip business mileage rate for locations beyond 20 miles from my home.  The current standard rate is $.54 per mile.

Rescheduling fees: You may make one reschedule without charge, but two or more reschedules of your event will incur a non-refundable fee of 25% of your event charges.