Services: Other Ceremonies & Misc. Offerings

Other Ceremonies:

Baby Naming & Transgender Naming ceremonies, Rites of Passage and other Coming of Age celebrations, Divorce celebrations, Adoption ceremonies, “Guide Parent” ceremonies, Coming of Age celebrations for the Crone and Baby Naming / Welcoming for Child Born with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities.

These ceremonies will vary in length and complexity

Fees: $25-$75

Invocations: I will gladly prepare and give secular invocations, readings, and graces for free of charge to public private groups.

Your Life Story and Your Life Wishes Conversation Starters: these two wonderful decks of cards are designed for small groups, be them families or not, to open discussions on what can sometimes feel like very difficult conversations.

The Your Life Story deck cards each have a question designed to help people in your group learn more personal details about each other.  An example question is “Are you named after anyone?”

The Your Life Wishes deck helps guide questions about what wishes each of you have for difficult life circumstances.  An example question is “If euthanasia was legally available, would you consider it an option?”

I would like to help you and your family find a way to have these sensitive conversations, and would be happy to meet with your group/family to use one or both of the decks to help facilitate discussion.  Find more information about the decks at Your Life TalksFee: $25 per one hour session.

Five Wishes

I keep copies of this wonderful booklet to help people put in writing their desires for their final days and for after they die.  This booklet’s pages allow you to simply answer questions with short answers or to cross out items that you don’t want.  This is a very simple but useful booklet for the elderly, for those who are ill or are for whatever reason, facing end of life decisions and the dilemma of trying to explain what your Wishes are to your loved ones. I would like to help you and your family by providing this booklet.  Fee: $5.00

Travel: I will charge the IRS permitted round-trip business mileage rate for locations beyond 20 miles from my home.  The current standard rate is $.54 per mile.

Rescheduling fees: You may make one reschedule without any charge, but two or more reschedules of your event will incur a non-refundable fee of 25% of your event charges.