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“Humanism, for those who don’t know, is a positive ethical philosophy of life based on concern for humanity in general and for individuals in particular. It is a view of life which combines reason with compassion. It is for those people who base their understanding of existence on the evidence of the natural world and its evolution, and not on belief in a supernatural power.”
-Brian Whiteside

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Renee L. Reif, MPA, BA, Humanist Society Chaplain & Celebrant

A Life Well Lived Ceremonies can accommodate requests to perform secular weddings, funerals/memorials and Celebrations of Life, naming and coming of age ceremonies and invocations, as well as combined belief services*.

Are you looking for a way to create the ceremony that best represents you and your family or circumstances but perhaps not finding that ability through other traditional sources? Perhaps you want to honor someone who took his or her own life, or maybe you would like to have a ceremony that has been refused by other sources. Would you like to honor someone who did not have local family or friends?   I will help you create a memorable ceremony, and can work with other clergy or individuals you would like to include in the ceremony.

Help with finding urns, remembrances, memorial jewelry, memorial items such as guest books, memorial cards, thank you cards, and keepsakes at prices you can afford.

Coordinate efforts between people participating in the ceremony.

Find and coordinate venues that fit within your financial means and desire for your ceremony.

Help with writing eulogies, vows, finding readings, music, activities, and honors, and organizing your thoughts. Put thoughts and memories into words.

Incorporate tradition, new ideas, culture, personality, symbols, pastimes and more into ceremonies.

Specializing in Humanist and secular services, ceremonies and memorials.

*Please contact me for more information regarding ceremonies that are not completely secular.

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Find Ideas for  Secular & Alternative Invocations, Ceremonies that can be Modified

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